Lo Bello Tours


On the Waters of Cabo San Lucas

Lo Bello Tours is a boat charter service in the sea of Cortez that provides family/sport boat fishing trips, whale watching, sunset cruises and water taxis for tourists and locals alike.

Snorkel in scenic locations, or watch sea lions sunbathe around the iconic arch of Cabo San Lucas which can only be accessed by boat. Any fish that you or your family catches can be cooked on the marina and eaten that same evening. We will also provide restaurant recommendations that can expertly prepare the catch of the day. Any extra fish caught are given to the local families in need by your Capitán. Check out the Kid’s Fishing Derby below to see some of the other ways that Lo Bello Tours gives back to the Cabo community.

Capitán Lorenzo Bello

Lisa’s Destiny’s voyage into business in Mexico is guided by Capitán Lorenzo Bello’s lifetime of experience on the ocean. Over the past 6 years, Capitán Lorenzo Bello has taught the children of the Cabo community and local churches different languages and how to safely enjoy the benefits of the sea. As your translator and tour guide, the Capitán and his crew will help maximize your vacation, complete with a street taco tour of the most authentic Mexican food in Cabo!

Kids Fishing Derby

Preserving the ocean for future generations and teaching respect for regulations and natural resources are priorities for the Capitán of Lo Bello Tours. In 2016, we hosted a Kid’s Fishing Derby where children from all over Mexico received expert fishing instruction. Tips on how to stay safe in and around the water were integrated with the fun of a friendly competition for different fish caught. Thank you to all the participants and sponsors of this wonderful event. Everyone had so much fun, and we look forward to doing it again!